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About Cosry

Cosry is an iconic and leading fashion house in Malaysia known for creating elaborate fashion. Handcrafted intriguing embroidery, lace beadings, and modern eye-catching designs.

The loss of the talented fashion designer Putra Azizi, the founder of Cosry, on December 31, 2021, was the most remarkable date with the news that blew the whole local fashion world over, but to trust the process that Cosry will be in the next line fashion level again.

Cosry Image (M) Sdn Bhd is now owned by Datin Philomena Simeon (director and co-founder) and Ariff Quasri as creative director and co-founder, with a new image, vision, and mission to expand our market in the fashion industry and broaden the spectrum of consumers Cosry Image (M) Sdn Bhd has developed more products in the product line with different styles and concepts to widen the range. The sub-brand touch by Cosry offers ready-to-wear fashion with a touch of professional design. The pieces are crafted with attention to detail and focus on quality other than creating the latest trends for everyone's fashion needs.

This year will be a new adventure for the Cosry team, as we wish to grow together in the future, and we hope to see all supporters on our first luxurious boutique, which will open soon in the middle of the year.